RFID the technology transforming the human body into an object

RFID the technology transforming the human body into an object

RFID is on the rise! Since the beginning of 2016, this technology seduces more and more.

The first “Connected Bikini” was born; Australian scientists have tagged hundreds of bees with RFID mini tags to study their behavior and thwart their disappearance. Malaysia has announced plans to equip all vehicles on its territory with RFID tag, officially to better geolocate them in case of flights and streamline toll payments.

However, the border with ethics and bodily integrity are tenuous, especially when we know that the first “Implant Party” took place in France the summer of 2016, allowing to be injected painlessly, an RFID tag under the skin to calculate their caffeine levels. More and more hotels in Spain “tag” their customers to allow them to consume freely.


What is RFID Technology?

RFIDRadio Frequency IDentification: Automatic identification technology that uses radiofrequency radiation to identify tagged objects when passing near an interrogator.

Indeed, there are several radio frequencies used by RFID, several types of tags having different types of communication and power mode.

RFID is a technology spread around the world. One of the most obvious uses is in the worlds of logistics and sales: products equipped with an RFID chip can be traced from the warehouse to the store (industrial monitoring chain assembly, inventories …). Once the product is on the shelf, the RFID chip becomes both an antitheft device and an identification system at the cash register.

What is the future of RFID technology?

The public is not really aware of it, but RFID is at the origin of many products that it uses daily such as the highway pass, Access control, or all the connected objects present in our lives! RFID has the unique advantage of being able to be integrated into a very wide range of domains and I have imagined, drawing on my long experience in new technologies, what RFID of the future might look like, especially in the of health.


RFID and health, what the future will hold for us?

First, the RFID of the future will be 100% non-polluting because it will not need more battery to feed its low energy needs. It will use the principle of recovery of the surrounding energy to self-feed. For example, the RFID implant that we may all have under the skin will be fed by the heat of the human body, through the movements we make. In addition, it will continuously evaluate a set of physiological parameters such as body temperature, heart tension, sugar levels or certain hormones. Do not bother to understand the benefits that this could bring: Anticipate a cardiac risk, Warn of a fall or abnormal variations of some data, etc.

Beyond this particularly revolutionary medical aspect, we can also let our imagination drift towards more fantasy. If we apply the RFID of the future to the field of love, do you think that we find a “perfect match“! We all know the dating sites, whose meteoric success is based in particular on search engines and matching profiles ever more successful and whose results are beginning to be recognized. However, these programs are based solely on declarative profiles and above all, represent the image of a person at a given moment. Imagine now that they use the RFID data of the human body … They could not only benefit from the complementary physiological data of each of the profiles but also from a “real-time” update of this information. Realizing physically and chemically new “couples”, it is a safe bet that the success rates of matching profiles increase considerably with this new situation. In short, love with a big L guaranteed…

“Transform the human body into an object”

Thus, RFID is everywhere and will be even more so in the future! Its simplicity and non-polluting qualities make it possible to communicate objects or even human beings in complete safety.

However, be careful that malicious actors do not appropriate it for negative purposes, crossing without blinking the barrier of ethics. The implementation of tags under the skin is certainly a new and “new” experience, which can be very useful in the field of health but can quickly transform the human body into an object if it is misused.

RFID, a technology of the future to consume with moderation.


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