Top 3 Christmas Decoration Ideas of 2018

Are you looking for ideas for your Christmas decoration? You do not know which style or colors to choose? To imagine your decor, take inspiration from the main trends of the year 2018.

Christmas is fast approaching and it’s time to start thinking about decorating your home. This year, no way for you to decorate it once again with your old garlands bought almost ten years ago. You want a party decoration in the air of the time. It’s good, we tell you all about the trends 2018!

1. The charm and sweetness of a natural Christmas decor

Influenced by the minimalism of Nordic interiors and the authentic atmosphere of the chalets, the Christmas decor 2018 is refined, environmentally friendly and sustainable. We love it in pristine white, the light featured by multiplying the light garlands.

To be in the Christmas decoration trend, we avoid plastic and disposable objects. Potted pines are preferred to artificial firs. At the table as in the living room, we put on raw materials such as wood or sandstone and we mix the natural materials between them. For example, you can use wool, linen and felt, always in light and natural colors. Do not hesitate, however, to have in your living room some plaids or cushions in faux fur.

2. A chic Christmas decoration and design with a touch of gold


Bet on golden accessories for Christmas. To put a little magic in the house, nothing like gold. However, it is important to dose it well to avoid the flashy effect. Our advice: choose a white tablecloth, simple dishes and place beautiful golden pieces. Then add some more discreet and less sophisticated elements or play geometric patterns to shake the Versailles look.

3. A pop and colorful Christmas decoration


If new trends emerge each year, the traditional Christmas decor, warm and friendly, is timeless. The colors associated with it, red and green, immediately evoke this festive season and our best childhood memories. Unlike the natural Christmas decor, the pop trend plays with strong colors. Frankish like here, highlighted with black and clean lines.

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