How to Eliminate Belly Fat by Drinking Lemon Water and Moderate Exercise.

Eliminate Belly Fat by Drinking Lemon Water!

So, the summer is here and everybody is wearing less clothes due to the high temperature degrees and you start to wonder like me how to get rid of this hanging belly 😅 to look more in shape for the beach and the outdoors activities.

But what if i told you that a simple habit like drinking lemon water at the right times during the day could accelerate fat loss and reduce your stomach fat without too much effort?

Sounds too good to be true, but this one is backed by science.

  1. The Lemon fruit as we all know, is rich in vitamin C, which actually helps the body absorb nutrients more efficiently. This in turn can boost a sluggish metabolism.
  2.  Lemon juice also promotes the production of bile, which is important for breaking down the fat content in food so that it can be converted into energy.
  3. Lemon juice lowers the absorption of carbohydrates, thanks to its high acidity.

The benefits of lemon juice are enhanced when you add the cleansing effects of water. Here’s four different ways that you can mix and use lemon water for maximum effect.

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  1. To use lemon water as a weight loss aid, drink a warm glass of water with lemon first thing in the morning, about thirty minutes before breakfast.
  2. To prepare lemon water simply take a lemon and slice it into wedges then squeeze into a glass of plain water in this diluted form you’ll hardly taste the tartness.
  3. Don’t throw away the peel though; let it soak in the water as well. Lemon peel has pectin, which is the same enzyme that gives gelatin its unique texture. Pectin, when ingested, can suppress the appetite by giving you a sensation of fullness.
  4. If you need some time to get used to the too-plain taste of lemon water, you can add a tablespoon of honey for just a hint of sweetness, until your taste buds adjust.
  5. Aside from drinking lemon water in the morning, you can also drink it continuously throughout your day for even better effects. Simply throw a few lemon slices in your water bottle for a hassle-free way to stay hydrated.

Work yourself up to drinking at least 2 liters of lemon water a day (more during hotter weather or intense physical activities).

Of course lemon water can only go so far so make sure you workout moderately twice or thrice a week to drop the pounds and keep them away.


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